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Writing code you can’t remember? Meet, the terminal scribe.

You want to have your terminal sessions recorded and can’t find a man for the job? Hire!

I bet that your terminal has more than once witnessed and hardly withstood the grandeur of your code. You know, a moment of epiphany, when you truly understand the nature of things, become one with the universe and spawn little animals using only your thoughts.

It would be ridiculous to keep such brilliant knowledge to yourself, wouldn’t it? Say hello to our little friend –, the terminal scribe. It’s a brainchild of our seasoned Ruby engineers, Marcin “sickill” Kulik and Michał “Sparrow” Wróbel. lets you record your terminal sessions and share them with other geeks simply by running the ‘asciiio’ command in your terminal. It is fully open-source with the aim of being a “go to” place for terminal users wanting to share their hackery.

You can see it in “Vim colorscheme showcase” here: vim screenshot

The terminal scribe is very self-reliant – it has virtually no dependencies on anything except Python (which is pre-installed in Linux and OSX) and it’s very skillful – the web based player is an implementation of VT100/VT102 ANSI terminal, supporting most ANSI sequences, all text attributes and 256 colors. is lenient – you don’t need to create an account beforehand, but can do it after the recording if you want to claim your recorded sessions. It is also easily accessible, for it’s fully open source (both recorder and site/player) and everyone interested in building the greatest recording platform for hackers is welcome (source: and It is built from many parts written in Python, Ruby, CoffeeScript and bash so anyone knowing any of these languages can help. has a quaint sense of humour – it beautifully plays Nyan Cat via telnet ;) Nyan Cat!

or if you haven’t seen Star Wars in ASCII then here’s a trailer:

But, it’s serious after all – it was officially released at wroclove rb conf in Marcin’s lightning talk.

The terminal scribe is easy to work with: to install or upgrade

recorder, open a terminal and run following command:

$ curl -sL | bash

(when using zsh you may need to run rehash after above command)

That’s it! Now you can start recording your terminal sessions with:

$ asciiio


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