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Jump aboard! We’re hiring!

Lunar Logic is hiring! Risky intergalactic voyages take their toll. Astronauts get sucked into wormholes, meteors break off whole sections of space stations and the encounters with alien species are not always as friendly as we’d like them to be.

That’s why we’re in need of fresh blood.

We’re looking for Ruby developers with at least 2 year experience in programming that speak communicative English.

Yes, that’s it. No fluffy marketing nonsense, no-nothing!

Well, you can earn extra bonus points for Scrum experience (planning space walks), being involved in the community (contact with the aliens), open source contribution (tweaking the on-board instruments) and talks/presentations at events (promoting the idea of space travel).

What awaits you? Breathtaking adventures, unforgettable memories and thrilling projects! Along with  flexible working hours, office in the very centre of Krakow and a rich range of extra benefits, including automated health system, free access to various sport and leisure facilities as well as available services of well-trained foreign language teachers.

Web apps won’t make themselves. Check our jobs page for a more elaborate offer. :)

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