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Make your summer even better! or Ruby on Rails internship.

Do you prefer Rails to holidays? Is being cool in a cool room more appealing to you than sitting on the beach? Here’s a recipe for doing something awesome in the upcoming summer:

If you’re still wondering whether you should apply, here are some words from our last year interns – Ania and Artur. You can meet them at our office, busy doing great design/front-end and RoR work.


Ania Migas The internship was superb – I’ve learned a lot more within 3 months here than within 3 years of studies. I had a chance to learn from the best – our designers really rock! – and use the most recent technologies. Every day I had an opportunity to get feedback on what I was doing and to hear useful tips. I was shocked when I received a Kudos just after a week of work and amendments in a commercial project only after 1,5 month!


Artur Trzop The summer internship @ LL made me realise how important testing software is. I’ve learned about lots of useful tools and technologies and became a decent Vim user :) The help and experience from older workmates is invaluable – pair programming and code reviews helped me learn faster and cooperate better. What is more, developing projects along the Scrum and Kanban methodology lines allowed me to learn them from the practical side.

So, what are your plans for this summer?

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