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Lunar on Snapchat

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UPDATE 22.04: This post has been updated with new information on 22.04.2016.

As you may know already, we are quite a unique company when it comes to organizational culture. We value empathy and transparency. We collectively manage the company. We have open salaries, advisory process, collective hiring, self-organizing teams etc. For the last 3 years, we have been evolving toward becoming a no management organization.

We’ve been blogging and tweeting about this for some time now, but today we want to try something new: Lunar on Snapchat!

We are heavily inspired by Andrzej Krzywda and his ongoing experiment Programmers on Snapchat. The idea is neat and simple: share programming related content on snapchat and create a community using this new, ephemeral medium. Please do read Andrzej’s article to learn more about it.

DevSnap logo Update 22.04: Andrzej have created a very simple app: DevSnap: a directory of developers on snapchat. It’s growing like crazy. At the time of writing this post we have 55 developers. So please check it out and follow these programmers, they share good content. Also, don’t hesitate to add yourself there, even if you don’t snap much. You’ll start soon enough :) And once you’re hooked, you’re hooked.

Besides taking active part in this experiment, we want to add another layer to it. A little more personal one. We strongly believe that programming is not only about code and tools but, most of all, about people and interactions (sounds familiar?). So we are going to share snaps from our day-to-day office life.

Do you want to know what Lean Coffee is? How Happiness Chart works? How feedback works in no-management environment? What we do to keep our company going in the participatory leadership model?

If you are interested in all this and want some first-hand experience – follow us on snapchat! And do expect solid amount of inspiration. Of course, we are going to share a lot of programming stuff too and some personal snaps here and there.

Find our snapcodes below. Scan them or add us by usernames. We’ll add you back :)

Tomek @ Lunar: rusilko, Artur: arturtrzop, Ania: szynszyliszys, Dawid @ Lunar: cichaczem

rusilko snapcode arturtrzop snapcode cichaczem snapcode

Update 22.04: New folks on board:

Paweł @ Lunar (our CEO): pawelbrodzinski, Tomek Giereś: tomaszgieres, Maro: mareczekc

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