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Great job! Take this!

Kudos for Kuba :) “Kudos” US[ˈkjuːdɒs], UK[ˈkuːdɒs] – 1. Fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement. 2. Praise given for achievement.

Here, in Lunar Logic, we love to give people random geeky gadgets or long-lasting cinema vouchers. Immediately after that I take a photo of the gift recipient and post it to our Facebook, saying nice things about that person. Sometimes they are so corteous that I’ve got to be deliberately nasty later on. Just to keep the balance, you know.

Seems wacky, isn’t it? Yet, it’s our way of expressing gratitude and respect. We’ve even got a strange, outlandish word for this activity: Kudos.

Kudos may take very different forms. Some people get straight to the point, while others laud the overall performance of the person they value. The goal is simple: to tell a person that they’re great. And not (only) by the boss – a Kudos expresses a real high five by a peer!

All Kudos are anonymous and thus far we haven’t experienced any mutual admiration societies. However, people sometimes grant Kudos to themselves. No one sees you fixing that cranky server after hours or extinguishing fire in a project during Christmas :)

Ok, some of the Kudos are purely out of kindness, but… Lunar Logic is not only about coding. We love the fact that instead of having a coffee break we might as well have a song break, play fussball or meet for board gaming after work :)

Paweł, Lunar Logic’s leader, loves to give out Kudos:

It’s fun to get Kudos. After all, who wouldn’t love to hear supportive feedback on their work and then get an awesome gadget chosen from a wide range of utterly useless but irresistibly funny stuff. On the top of that one can play a celebrity with all those photos, publicity and what have you.

Receiving Kudos isn’t the best part of the story though. The best part is this warm fuzzy feeling you have when you give someone Kudos. I mean, they’ll never know it was you who started it. It just feels great to execute your power of doing something nice to someone who deserved that.

Oh, and by the way I love my job as a messenger. Thanks to this, I just know I’m in a business of making people happy. A dream job if you ask me.

Paul, LL’s owner, wrote this beautiful post about spy network in Lunar that’ll also give you some insight into our eerie custom.

* according to Merriam-Webster web dictionary,

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