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And the winner of our QA Game of Thrones is… Paulina!

Well, winter didn’t come to Poland (and we hope it never does ;)), but… Paulina managed to come join our team. Last Monday, Paulina started an internship with our company after a pretty long recruitment process in which we tried to find a quality king through a little game of thrones (Grzester introduces the whole process to us in the below). It was the first recruitment for Grzester so we crossed our fingers that his new experience would bless him with a wealth of knowledge, which he can carry into the future. And… Grzester did well and managed to choose a great QA intern. Lets see how it happened!

Grzester’ story:

That was a long journey… an epic journey entitled ‘The recruitment of a QA Intern’. I will try to describe briefly how the whole process unfolded. It was a really good experience, during which we learned a lot. At the beginning of December, I spent some time thinking of how to prepare this task. It wasn’t so easy, mainly because I had never organised recruitment before. After a few discussions with Paweł, we decided to run a two-stage recruitment process.

During the first stage we wanted to check some basic QA skills such as: creativity, consistency, and critical thinking. We decided to prepare a small application packed with tons of issues. The application was called WTS!. It was a quick form which allowed a user to submit rudimentary sales ads. The task was simple, just run some exploratory tests and send us the test results. We received a lot of good exercise solutions. I prepared an answer key, which helped me to validate results and choose the best candidates.

For me the most important elements were testing engagement, curiosity and showing a good understanding of the application.

Grzester's notes

An interview at our office was the second stage of the recruitment process. To be honest, it was the first time in my life where I was on the other side of the table. I was the recruiter, not the recruit. I gathered a lot of experience from this.  During the interview, I wanted to understand how the candidates tested the application we prepared, what kind of tools they used and what was the most important for them during testing. I also prepared another short exercise. I asked the candidates a few times to test a Coca-Cola can. If you think that it’s an easy task, go and buy one can. Try test it! The results were really surprising. People were super creative. Throwing the can, checking text on the can, checking internal pressure, checking composition and much more. It was really funny and I am sure that it helped relax the atmosphere during the interview. That was the final stage of our recruitment. Only one thing left to do… to decide who will be the new king or queen… :)

Grzester and Paweł chose Paulina. So lets meet our new QA queen:

PaulinaHi, I’m Paulina :) I study human-computer interaction and applied psychology.

The recruitment atmosphere was very pleasant and laid-back, so from the moment I entered the front door I started taking a liking to the office. I didn’t think that a job interview could be so relaxed. I spoke a lot about myself and the process of testing the WTS! application.

I’m glad to say that winter didn’t come to Poland and I got accepted into a really great internship.

Thank you Grzester for bringing Paulina to our company. It was a really successful recruitment  :)

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